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 Sunday School/Growth
 Bible Prophesy
 Kevin Leman Collection


Why is this? Because the workbook contains all the narrative content of the teacher's video lesson. And you take home with you what the instructor has taught. Also, the workbook contains a "discussion guide" that generates lively participant involvement and interaction. You want people to get involved! Not just sit, watch and go home. The workbook will deliver the involvement!


One is now available for each of our titles. With the repro CD you can print as many workbooks as you need whenever you need them. And each CD comes with a FREE facilitator guide.



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    Play the DVDs or stream the sessions whichever you choose. Somebody misses a session? With the password they can make it up at their convenience.


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    A Bible prophecy series that will motivate your people
    to urgency in ministry, evangelism and missions!


    An 8-session Video Curriculum on Bible Prophecy


    "It Could Happen Tomorrow is a great study! Gary Frazier is a champion for Christ!"
         Ryan Mason, Minister to Young Adults
         Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, Hermitage, Tennessee

    "Gary Frazier's passion in life is motivating followers of Christ regarding the return of Jesus. He communicates the prophetic Word with urgency and clarity!"
         Charles Stanley, Pastor/Author

    "Gary is a close friend and colleague, and one of America�s leading speakers on Bible prophecy. While we do not agree on every point, we share a common passion for the return of Christ."
         James McDonald, Senior Pastor
         Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicago, Illinois

    "For 30 years my good friend Gary Frazier has travelled the globe teaching on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Our people are going to benefit greatly from this study!"
         Ed Young, Senior Pastor
         Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

    "No one has a better grasp of current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy than Gary Frazier. His teaching will motivate you and prepare your heart for eternity."
         Tom Elliff, President
         International Mission Board of the Southern
         Baptist Convention



    Purchase ONE LEADER KIT and get a 2nd leader kit free!

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    LEADER KIT with DVDs + reproducible workbook and leader guide (sent immediately VIA email) + online streaming $179.95
    LEADER KIT with online streaming (no DVDs) + reproducible workbook and leader guide (sent immediately VIA email) $139.95
    LEADER KIT + FREE KIT Online streaming only $99.95
    One reproducible workbook and leader guide sent VIA email $79.95
    • NOTE: Online streaming passwords and reproducible workbooks and leader guides are to be used only by purchasing church or organization. Sharing them with other churches or organizations is dishonest and illegal.

    "Gary Frazier's passion for the word of God is obvious, and his ability to communicate truth is totally captivating. I recommend his new series to pastors everywhere. It is prophecy taught at its very best."
         Jack Graham, Senior Pastor
         Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas

    "I know of no one who has a better grasp on the prophetic Word of God and who delivers it with more clarity and conviction than my friend, Gary Frazier. His teaching will motivate and challenge your people!"
         Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor
         First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia

    "Gary Frazier teaches Bible prophecy with clarity, conviction and purpose. People find him easy to understand!" 
         Josh McDowell, Author/Speaker

    "Gary Frazier is a gifted and passionate biblical scholar and teacher of Bible prophecy. We saw dozens of people give their lives to Christ after he spoke. They came back and brought their friends with them."
         Michael Landry, Senior Pastor
         Sarasota Baptist Church, Sarasota, Florida


    GARY FRAZIER is a highly-respected authority on Bible prophecy and current events. As founder and president of Discovery World-Wide Missions International, he has traveled to Israel over 150 times, teaching and lecturing. He attended Criswell College, Southwestern Seminary, and Louisiana Baptist University. He holds several graduate and honorary degrees. A former pastor, he currently serves as an associate teaching pastor at the Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano, Texas. Dr. Frazier's books include America at the Tipping Point, Signs of the Coming of Christ, What Really Happens When Jesus Returns, The Arab-Israeli Conflict, and It Could Happen Tomorrow. He and his wife Sandra live in Arlington, Texas.


    • Eight 25-minute teaching sessions on DVDs and CDs
    • Eight facilitator lessons with Dr. Frazier on DVD
    • It Could Happen Tomorrow participant book
    • Facilitator guide
    • Promotional material (CLICK HERE to download)

    EIGHT TIMELY LESSONS (25 min each)

    Lesson 1 - Introduction and Overview
    Lesson 2 - The Great Disappearing
    Lesson 3 - The Role of America in the End Times
    Lesson 4 - The Islamic Invasion of Israel
    Lesson 5 - The Birth of a New World Order
    Lesson 6 - The Great Deceiver and His Mark
    Lesson 7 - The Rebuilding of the Temple
    Lesson 8 - The Glorious Appearing
    (All references KJV)


    • Eight-week seminar - small or large groups, variety of settings
    • Sunday school curriculum
    • Women's, men's, mixed study
    • Weekend retreat
    • Community outreach
    • Motivate participants for urgency in evangelism and outreach
    • Easy to lead using facilitator helps
      • Dr. Frazier's facilitator insights on DVD/CD
      • Facilitator guide


    "If you love Bible prophecy, you will be challenged and motivated by the teaching ministry of Gary Frazier. He's the best!"
         Frank Page, President & CEO, Executive
         Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

    "Gary's knowledge of Bible prophecy and current events is surpassed only by his passion to share Christ. Listen to him and be blessed."
         Pat Williams, CEO & General Manager
         Orlando Magic

    "When Dr. Frazier taught 'It Could Happen Tomorrow' in our church, the response was phenomenal! People were saved and taught to walk in the light of God's Word in these dark and chaotic times."
         Rick Lineberger, Senior Pastor
         First Baptist Church, Bradenton, Florida

    "Dr. Gary Frazier has spoken in my church on several occasions, and he is always a major hit with our people. Any interested person will be enriched and enlightened by his expertise in Bible prophecy."
         Ronnie W. Floyd, Senior Pastor
         Cross Church, Northwest Arkansas

    "Gary Frazier has the unique ability to take the timeless Word of God and today's current events and blend them into powerful, effective, relevant messages for the 21st-century church."
         Michael Catt, Senior Pastor
         Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia;
         Executive Producer, Sherwood Pictures

    "Dr. Frazier has filled my pulpit on several occasions and has always delivered a timely message with urgency. His expertise in Bible prophecy encourages the Body of Christ, and his passion is contagious!"
         Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor
         First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas


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