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Why is this? Because the workbook contains all the narrative content of the teacher’s video lesson. And you take home with you what the instructor has taught. Also, the workbook contains a “discussion guide” that generates lively participant involvement and interaction. You want people to get involved! Not just sit, watch and go home. The workbook will deliver the involvement!


One is now available for each of our titles. With the repro CD you can print as many workbooks as you need whenever you need them. And each CD comes with a FREE facilitator guide.


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Play the DVDs or stream the sessions whichever you choose. Somebody misses a session? With the password they can make it up at their convenience.


With STREAMALL, you get ONE-YEAR of online streaming access to EVERYTHING on this website, including new releases. One single password is all you need. For more information, see the ONLINE STREAMING page or call 800-371-5248. You get it ALL with STREAMALL! And our resources are in tens of thousands of churches!

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Return your complete leader kit order within 21 days of order date in like-new, re-sellable condition and receive immediate credit. NOTE: Separate or partial workbook orders may not be returned for credit. Due to the nature of streamed content, refunds are not available for STREAMALL or individual streamed product purchases.



Hopefully, in Laughter Works Wonders!, you’ll find a variety of jokes, anecdotes, clever one-liners and real-life stories that will give you a chuckle and a humorous glance into life. You can share them with your friends, groups and audiences in all kinds of settings. I’ve done this for years, and I can tell you – they work!

When you think about it, a joke is really just a little story that ends with a clever, surprising punch line that generates laughter and all the good feelings that come with it. And one of the main reasons people laugh at jokes is that they see themselves in them. And that’s a good thing.

The truth is, people don’t laugh enough! They need to laugh; are eager to laugh; wish they had something to laugh about; will have a better day with some laughter in it; will feel better and maybe even sleep better; relate to others better and look forward to tomorrow with more optimism. Whew! And they’ll love YOU if you can be the “laugh-maker”!

Just remember this: You don’t have to try to be a funny person or a joke-teller. Just be yourself! You’re enough. In fact, you can be a joke-reader! You can read a joke or funny story, and your audience will laugh as much as if you had told it.

As you’re putting together your presentation, speech, lesson, sermon or whatever, look for places or moments where a joke or funny story might fit well or illustrate a point in a humorous way. Creating a laugh in an otherwise serious presentation is like opening a window on a bright spring day and feeling a cool breeze blow through.

It’s important to “connect” the joke to a point you’re making, to a theme, a piece of news or even to something somebody has said prior to your getting up. Then, make a simple application using a follow-up, connecting thought that fits your content. I’ve added some connecting thoughts after each joke.

Now, if you really want to put the icing on the joke, use a callback. A callback happens when you’re near the end of your presentation, and you refer to or bring back the punch line of an early joke and use it to support the overall point of your talk. Your audience will smile and breathe a silent “Ahhhhhhh, I get it!” as your main thought settles home.

Now, here are four things to consider.

First, if you want to be a more successful speaker, teacher, pastor, instructor, presenter, whatever – and be remembered fondly – humor will help make it happen! It’s the missing element in far too many presentations. Put two speakers in front of the same audience, each with a good personality, content, delivery, etc., and the one that incorporates humor most effectively will be the favorite.

Second, and you already know this: People will forget most of what you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. And they’ll remember YOU! Because YOU made them feel that way!

Third, and I’ve already said this—you don’t have to “tell” the joke! “Read” the joke! It will be just as funny! And sometimes funnier!

Fourth, show your audience what you think they’re worth by going the extra mile and doing what the world’s most effective speakers do: They use humor and jokes to catch people’s attention; help them relax and relate to one another; create a feeling of unity and openness within the group; open their minds and hearts to what you have to say; and drive home important truths and lessons!

Practice these four things, and people will be ready to hear you anytime you get up! With a smile on their faces!

Now go for it! Laughter works! And it works wonders! ”     







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